Oracle APEX 4.2 Features

Oracle Application Express - APEX

This is to address specific question raised in my Oracle Application Express Application Development class.  The question was on features of APEX 4.1.

To address the question properly I think it is best to quote the Statement of Direction from Oracle regarding APEX 4.2:

Oracle Application Express 4.2

Oracle Application Express 4.2 will focus on enhancement to existing functionality and additional capabilities to support applications running on mobile devices. Application Express 4.2 is planned to incorporate the following:

  • Mobile Applications – Enhanced themes and HTML templates to enable developers to declaratively create mobile applications and/or mobile pages.
  • Charts – Incorporate HTML 5 charting capabilities.
  • Web Services – Provide declarative specification of RESTful Web services mapped to SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Application Deployment – Provide enhanced capabilities for packaging and distributing APEX applications to improve protection of intellectual property rights and ease customization.
  • Numerous functional and performance improvements.


So the much anticipated Mobile app themes and templates are on their way.  The question is when would they be here?  I am not sure if at this point anyone knows, but I will sure update this page as soon as I have any concrete date to share with you.

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Oracle Application Express 4.2 was just released on October 12, 2012.  View Oracle’s press release about Application Express 4.2 .