The purpose of this site is not solicitation for work but rather an invitation for collaboration amongst professionals, hence increasing awareness on technical and managerial issues to help you manage your projects more successfully and ultimately exceeding your client’s expectations.Our projects are all done through our present employers and partners.

Our solutions expertise spans information technology, enterprise information systems, enterprise portals, B2B and B2C e-commerce and ERP systems, Software & Document Configuration Management as well as Change Management.

In addition, we have a strong working technical knowledge of Database, Stored Procedures, Middleware-based J2EE solutions and other Java-based development and deployment using Ant, Oracle JDeveloper, Eclips, Rose & VisualAge, with a focus on Oracle Database Server, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle Application Server, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss and IBM WebSphere.

We draw our strength from a great pool of highly qualified experts, advisers, business leaders in many industries and contributors with proven track record across many different industries.

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