David Parry

David Parry is the Manager of Remote Database Monitoring Services at DesTech. David has worked as a Database Architect and Administrator in the IT sector for the past 15 years. He is an Oracle Certified Professional and has worked in many different capacities including Senior Consultant and Presales Engineer providing solutions and guidance in building, maintaining and designing Oracle solutions for large and midsize environments.

David is also a Certified Oracle University Instructor and has been teaching for Oracle University for the last 10 years. David has been one of the best at Oracle University and has many citations for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction to his name.

His understanding of business and his extensive classroom experience has facilitated him to transfer his teaching skills to be an ideal Mentor and Coach of Databases teams helping them achieve their optimal potential.

David’s technical focus has been on Real Application Cluster (RAC), Data Guard, Grid Control, Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery and Automatic Storage (ASM). His business focus has been on management, mentoring with an eye on training. He has also developed several course materials to enhance the return on investment of clients.