Marcos Cubric

Marcos Cubric PMP is an IT Project Manager and a Senior Consultant. Marcos has over 20 years experience in management and implementation of Information Technology and specializes in Oracle Server Technologies. His focused areas of expertise are Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Data Guard, Server Security, Performance Tuning, Server Architecture & Design and Project Management.

As the senior partner in “GCM Sistemas and Consultoria”, he was responsible for leading and directing the technological visions of this Rio based Oracle consulting and training firm. As a senior partner Marcos also racked up expertise on business development, marketing, as well as program and project management.

Marcos has been in his current role since 2001 as a Project Manager and an Oracle Solutions Architect at a highly regarded Professional Services firm in Toronto, Canada.

In the past 17 years, through GCM and other Oracle University partners, Marcos has taught many Oracle and Project Management courses across North and South America with many citations and awards to his name.